Camille Tagle: Co-Founder and COO of FABSCRAP. Making the Apparel Industry More Sustainable for Every Brand

Each month we highlight an empowering businesswoman in our #WomenWhoAlter series. Meet Camille Tagle -- Co-Founder and COO of FABSCRAP.

Q: What’s your background, how did you arrive at your current role, and what are you most focused on right now?

A: Prior to FABSCRAP, I had been an eveningwear designer. It was during my design career that I started to notice the amount of textile waste that accumulated after each season, and I was compelled to develop a solution. As Co-founder of FABSCRAP, I develop any areas of the business that involve the reuse of fabric. I build partnerships with designers and organizations who are looking to source fabric, manage our online and in-store operations, plan fabric events within local schools and communities, and work with aspiring designers to consider more sustainable approaches to design.

Q: Was there a turning point in your life or career that helped you identify #WhyYouAlter?

A: The turning point for me happened during one of the last collections I worked on. One morning the Creative Director walked into the studio and decided he was no longer inspired by the entire assortment of over 25 fabrics we had already purchased. He said to get rid of them and we would have to place orders for another, different set of fabrics. At that moment any concerns I had about design practices and textile waste were amplified, and I realized I needed to make a change.

Q: How has being a woman affected your experience as an entrepreneur, if at all?

A: I do believe it’s quite common for people to have different, and oftentimes lesser expectations of women and their abilities. My experience as a woman entrepreneur has been that of continually catching others by surprise. When people learn about FABSCRAP’s mission and the work we accomplish, they are genuinely supportive and impressed!
Thank you for an amazing interview, Camille!  Keep hustling!

About #WomenWhoAlter

As a female-founded and run startup, Altress created #WomenWhoAlter as a forum to build brand awareness around female-run businesses, as well as provide a sAs a female-founded and run startup, Altress is providing a forum to build brand awareness around female-run businesses, as well as provide a space for women to learn, network and engage with other women. Through #WomenWhoAlter, Altress aims to create meaningful engagement for women involved in the startup space, those looking to get into the space, or those simply looking to meet and chat with other incredible women.

An Altress is a women who challenges the status quo to make the world a more equitable, sustainable and better place. Through #WomenWhoAlter, Altress aims to inspire other women to do the same for their lives and the world.
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